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Cobbles Drama Not To Be Missed Next Week

Next week: Bethany finds Daisy's secret journal, Maria has a hidden camera on Liam, and Steve plays dirty to save his marriage.

Daisy's Secret Journal.

Bethany plans an evening with Daisy.

When Daisy's back is turned, Bethany cranks up the oven and burns the food.

Once Ryan and Daisy leave, Bethany seizes the moment to hide something in Daisy's bag.

But in turn comes across Stephen's secret journal... Will Bethany find out Daisy's big secret?!

Maria Keeps One Eye On Liam.

Maria reluctantly heads to work.

Worried about Liam she takes a sneaky peak on her phone through a hidden camera.

When Liam disappears to the bathroom she panics.

Maria grabs her bag and hurries out. 

Steve Is Determined To Save His Marriage.

Steve finds a letter from Tommy asking Tracy to move to Spain and decides to hide it.

With Tommy in sight to move away, Tracy decides it would be best to get back with Steve.

Now Steve has to find a way to burn the letter.

But will he be able to hide this from her forever?


Will Jenny finally tell Carla the truth?

And Bernie jumps to Roy's defence.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street