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Next week: There's a new dog on the Cobbles, Sarah crosses the line and Rufus meets his end.

There's A New Dog On The Cobbles.

After Roy's friend Melvyn takes a funny turn, he offers to look after his dog.

Later on, Roy confides in Evelyn that Melvyn died and he’s inherited Freddie on a permanent basis.

Struggling to keep up with Freddie, Roy takes him to the dog shelter.

But Evelyn is horrified when she finds out.

Will Evelyn persuade him to go back for the little lad?

Sarah Crosses The Line

When Sarah's meeting doesn't go to plan, Damon saunters over and praises the designs.

Annoyed, Sarah heads up to Damon's hotel room letting him know he shouldn't of interfered, but the tone soon changes...

Dee-Dee catches onto Sarah's relationship with Damon and confronts her about it.

And in a desperate bid to put thoughts of Damon behind her, Sarah suggests to Adam that perhaps now is the time to try for another baby.

Rufus Is Found Dead.

Rufus still isn't happy with Stephen's offer and demands 50% of the profits.

Meanwhile, Michael feels constantly undermined and accepts a job offer from Rufus.

But when Rufus doesn't turn up to their meeting, Michael goes looking for him and is told he was found dead.

Was Michael too late for Stephen wicked ways?


Eileen thinks George is being scammed.

And Glenda sets up a new stage school.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street