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Next week: Ken ends up in the hospital, Glenda has a new boyfriend and Summer returns.

Ken's Has Funny Turn.

Bobby's concerned about Ken at Stu's birthday drinks.

He calls round to check on him... There's no answer!

As he peeps through the door he sees Ken lying on the floor.

Will Ken be ok?

Glenda Has A New Boyfriend

The sibling problems between Glenda and George continue.

As the arguing persists, Glenda's new boyfriend arrives.

George is shocked to see Michael walk through the door.

How will George take the news?

Summer Returns.

Paul is about to leave the flat when he has a fall.

As he recovers, Summer turns up.

She's brought her new boyfriend, Felix.

How will the meeting go?


Toyah hurries to A&E.

And Nick gives Leanne an ultimatum.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street