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Next week: Stu is in for a huge shock, Aaron's priorities change and Tim gets himself into a sticky situation.

Stu's shock!

As Eliza asks Stu about his time in prison, it becomes too much for Bridget. She runs out into the garden for some air.

When Stu follows her out to comfort her, he explains how angry he was at being in jail for something he didn’t do.

However, Stu is left stunned by what Bridget reveals!

Aaron moves on

As Aaron visits his Dad in hospital, he blames himself for ignoring his messages and leaving him unsupervised. Groggily, Eric admits he wish he hadn't survived, Aaron is gutted to see his Dad like this.

Summer begs Aaron to let her share his burden, but Summer is crushed when Aaron tells her he needs to focus on his Dad.

Tim's sticky situation

When Tim and Sally head to the Bistro, Ed asks them to join him and Aggie.

Whilst Sally admirers her necklace from Tim, Aggie is puzzled by their flirtatious behaviour. Noticing how awkward Aggie feels, Tim sends her a text.

However, he is horrified to realise he had actually sent it to Sally! Uh-oh.

How will Sally react?

Max is unimpressed

Max is devastated when he finds out that Daryan is starting at Weatherfield High. He accuses him of stealing his place.

Later, David confronts Max about Maria’s internet trolling, he denies having anything to do with it.

Is Max telling the truth?


At the book launch, Daniel and Daisy tell Ken how please they are to see him and Wendy together. But when Tracy arrives, she makes her feelings very clear! How will Ken react?

Nick and Leanne receive visiting orders from Harvey Gaskell in the post!

Dee-Dee admits to being lonely in LA and that she doesn't intend on going back.

Whilst Bernie is running an errand, Fern steals a bank statement from a drawer and Bernie's top from the ironing pile.

What is she up to?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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