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What's In Store For The Cobbles Next Week.

Next Week: Evelyn has a fright, Daniel demands answers and Stu makes a deal with Dom.

Evelyn Is Scared To Death.

Evelyn's scared when she has an unwanted visitor at the shop.

Terry approaches Evelyn demanding to know what's she done with his dog.

 Later, Terry makes another visit but to Tyrone this time.

If the dog isn't returned to him by 6pm, there will be serious consequences.

Will Tyrone buckle under Terry's threat?

Daniel Knows The Truth.

Daniel has big plans, instead of buying a flat why not buy The Rovers?

And why not make everything official and have Daisy adopt Bertie.

But the guilt is too much for Daisy and she admits that she slept with Ryan.

Later, Daniel can't keep his cool and he lays into Ryan in the Bistro.

Will this scare Crystal off or will Ryan pack his bags and move to Glasgow with her, for good?

Stu Finds Dirt On Dom

Stu meets up with Lesley, the private investigator, at The Bistro.

She offer's some juicy information about Dom's life in Germany.

Stu then organises to meet up with Dom for lunch.

As they continue lunch Stu makes Dom a deal.

But will Dom accept?


Audrey finds Stephen's journal with important information inside.

And David tells Sarah about her real Dad.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street