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Coming up: Aadi gets himself a date, Ed has the shock of his life and things get steamy in Sally's hot tub.

Aadi gets himself a date

Aadi is shocked to see a wad of cash fall from Kelly's bag.

She later reveals that she's tracked down another of her Dad's clients and that she's off to pay them back.

Aadi says he'll go with her. Kelly is grateful and agrees to go on a date with him!

Ed has the shock of his life

Aggie puts her foot down and tells Ed that he's fixing Steve's roof for mates rates and that’s an end to the matter.

Later, whilst Ed works on a radiator at Debbie's hotel he is suddenly electrocuted and propelled backwards. He is left unconscious!

Ronnie and Paul call an ambulance, but will Ed be alright?!

Things get steamy in Sally's hot tub

As things get steamy in Sally's hot tub, Tim announces that he can feel a stirring down below...

Sally reckons it’s the best birthday surprise she could wish for!

Is their marriage back on track?

Audrey is left disgusted

Sarah is impressed by Stephen’s business advice and tries to convince Carla that they would be better off buying their silk from him.

Carla’s unimpressed, she's convinced that working with family never ends well.

Later in the Bistro, Gail hosts a family lunch.

But things soon descend into chaos when David and Sarah embark on a slanging match over Audrey’s money.

Audrey is disgusted in the pair of them and walks out!


Stu is put out to see Stephen flirting with Yasmeen.

He decides to tell her the truth about being drunk in work.

How will Yasmeen take this news?

Outside the flat, Maria is approached by Jimmy.

He tells her that he’ll make sure she lives to regret blabbing about him to the police.

And Sean is disappointed when Frank declines his offer to stay for supper on Dylan's fist night.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street