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Next Week: Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air! Leanne gets down on one knee, Billy organises a surprise for Paul and Bobby tries his luck with Lauren.

Leanne Gets Down On One Knee

Leanne has a special question for Nick.

In front of everyone at The Bistro, she gets down on one knee and asks Nick to marry her!

But, after recent events will he accept?

Paul And Billy's Valentines Is Ruined.

The loved up couple head to The Bistro for a surprise.

Billy has organised a Barbershop Quartet for Paul.

The mood is quickly ruined by an old schoolmate of Paul's who tries to force him to dance.

Billy sees red and punches him.

Looks like their Valentine's Day is ruined.

Bobby Tries His Luck With Lauren.

Bobby heads to the cafe to give Lauren a small bunch of flowers.

But he's overshadowed when a posh bouquet turns up.

Later, trying one last time, he asks Lauren out on a date.

Will Lauren accept?

Still To Come...

Simon drinks drives with Sam in the car.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street