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First look at what's to come!

Next week: Toyah gets her day in court, Kelly wants the truth, the whole truth, and Dev can't handle Aadi's decisions!

All rise

Toyah Battersby decides she has to take the stand in her trial!

Toyah confesses

Leanne walks in on Toyah telling Spider that she lied to the police, crashed the car on purpose and intended to kill Imran!

Leanne Battersby does her best to defend her sister, but as Toyah listens, awash with guilt, she decides she has to take the stand!

Saira tells the court how she saw Toyah kissing Spider and suspects she was having an affair behind Imran’s back and killed him on purpose.

In the court, Toyah looks on as the jury delivers their verdict.

Is the game up for Gary?

Kelly receives a holdall of her mum’s things which she left in Spain. As she scrolls through a digital camera she’s shocked to see the holiday dated as 17th June 2019, the date her Dad was murdered.

Showing Gary the snaps she demands to know who really killed her dad?

Dev's Undelighted

With Kelly by his side, Aadi blurts out the news to his Dd that they’re planning to get married in Gretna Green.

Dev can't believe his son would want to be chained to someone like Kelly.

Pack up your troubles

Eileen complains to George about his overbearing sister and wonders when she'll be packing her bags. George promises to have words.

Overhearing this, Jenny later offers Glenda a job at the Rovers.

How will Eileen react?

What's in the box?

As Sean Tully’s friends take their seats a man enters Speed Daal, explaining he was a mate of Charlie’s, the girl Stu allegedly murdered, he produces a box and removes the lid.

Just what has he unleashed?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street