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Next week: Faye is reunited with her daughter, Daisy turns the tables on Justin, and Stephen breaks into Carla's flat.

Faye And Miley's Reunion.

Tim goes behind Faye's back and welcomes Jackson and Miley in.

As Craig and Faye pull up in a cab, Tim is caught out.

Nervously, she is forced to bond with Miley.

Has Tim succeeded?

Or will Faye still chose to live without her?

Daisy Turns The Tables On Justin.

Finding Justin lurking outside, Daisy declares she’s had enough, whips out her phone and starts filming him in a bid to prove to him what it feels like.

She is later visited by his sister who warns that he is dangerous and to watch herself.

Ryan comforts her after she thinks she spots Justin and suffers a panic attack.

And if things couldn't get worse for Daisy she asks Tracy to make her wedding flowers, but is given an ultimatum.

Make Tracy a bridesmaid or no wedding flowers!

Stephen Sneaks In When Carla's Home Alone.

As the meeting with America is approaching Stephen double doses Carla’s drink leaving her erratic from the LSD by the end of it.

After being told by the doctor to take a break from work, Carla goes home to rest.

With Carla away from the factory Stephen pockets her keys, and lets himself into her flat.

He checks to see if she is sleeping, puts her keys back and turns on the grill!


Beth meets up with her first love,

And Dee Dee refuses to legally represent Damon.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street