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Here's Why You Should Watch Corrie Next Week!

Next week: Amy is arrested, Bernie faces court and Dylan runs away.

Amy Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

Amy pushes her education to the side and heads out on an anti-spiking march.

But things take a turn and finds herself arrested.

Her fight doesn't stop there. She heads into a bar and notices a guy spiking a woman's drink. After warning her, she heads over to Dan and introduces herself.

What is she up to?

Bernie Faces Court

Bernie and her family head to court to find out the repercussions she faces after handling stolen goods.

The Judge hands Bernie a custodial sentence due to her track record.

Paul is devastated and begs the Judge to reconsider.

But can he sway the Judge's decision?

Dylan Runs Away

With Mason peering over his shoulder, Dylan feels pressured to sell vapes at school.

Hope tries her luck and asks to buy a vape, but Liam points out she's only 12.

This doesn't phase Mason, who orders Dylan to sell her a one.

Later on, Sean hears about what Dylan has been up to.

Sean confronts Dylan about it and demands to know who's forcing him to sell them.

When Sean suggests that it’s Mason and threatens to call the police, Dylan does a runner.


Asha finds out the truth about Courtney.

Audrey breaks the news to David and Maria that she’s selling the barbers 

And Ed heads to a casino in town.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street