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Next week: Stephen puts Carla in a dangerous position, Max is sentenced and Peter finds himself on a stolen bike.

Stephen puts Carla in a dangerous position

At Rufus's hotel, Rufus hands Stephen a vial of LSD and heads to the bathroom where he snorts a line of coke.

Suddenly, Rufus collapses clutching his chest.

Has Stephen got another body on his hands?

Later, Stephen heads into the Underworld office with the vial of LSD from Rufus's briefcase. He slips the LSD into Carla's drink!

Carla heads off to her meeting with Dick Havisham.

She calls at the garage to collect her car, but Abi refuses to hand over her keys, Carla is clearly flustered.

Meanwhile, Peter offers Paul a spin on his new motorbike.

Carla spots the Underworld van and starts the engine and careers down the street,

She crashes into Paul!

Is he going to be ok?

Max is sentenced

Yasmeen and Zeedan suggest to Alya that she needs to tackle her victim statement. However, she snaps at them to leave her alone. Is it too soon for Ayla?

Later, David, Spider, Gary and Daryan watch as Max is led into court.

The Judge hands Max their final decision....a six month sentence!

Peter's betrayed on his final trade

Peter tells Kevin and Abi how he bet Carla he could trade up from an onion bhaji to a motorbike, the deadline is this evening.

Benn agrees to give him the bike in return for his tablet.

Later, Jess, the police officer asks Peter why he’s in possession of a stolen bike!  

Oh, no!


Sarah admits to Michael she doesn't want another baby.

Brian moves into the flat and does his best to bond with Amy Barlow's uni mates.

Marrium calls on Zeedan and tells him she can't believe that he and Alya watched her Dad die in front of them.

Zeedan begs her not to go to the police!

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