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Preview Pics: Next week on the Cobbles!

Next week on Corrie...Emma finds the truth hard to swallow, Summer is full of guilt and Zeedan has an unexpected visitor.

Emma finds the truth hard to swallow

A terrified Emma rushes Ruby to A&E after she swallows one of Curtis's heart pills.

The doctor assures her that Ruby is going to be fine as the tablets are just vitamins.

Confused and upset, Emma confronts Curtis about his pills and demands answers.

But will Curtis come clean?!

Later Emma tells Curtis to pack his bags.

But before she can share her news, Steve tells her about all the money Curtis has raised and how they want to thank him. Will Emma have a change of heart?

She accompanies Curtis to his appointment with the psychologist.

Emma listens, overwhelmed, as Curtis explains how he's spent years convincing people that he's dying as he enjoys the attention. What will she do next?

Summer's Guilt

When Summer tries to apologise to Daniel, she is left hurt when he reveals that he's not allowed to talk to her.

To cheer her up, Billy takes Summer to the Bistro for lunch.

But after comparing herself to Daisy, Summer starts to feel guilty for eating a burger.

Is this leading her down a dangerous path?

Zeedan's Visitor

Zeedan sets about redecorating Speed Daal, when he is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

He’s shocked by the arrival of his estranged wife Marrium.

What does she want?!


Sarah is unimpressed to learn that Adam knows Lydia a little better than he should.

Audrey admits she has had another car accident, but refuses to believe there is anything wrong with her eyesight.

And Sally vows to beat Maria at her own game. 

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street