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Coming Up On The Cobbles Next Week

Next week: Adam fights back, Lauren's up to something and Mason makes Liam's life hell.

Adam Fights Back.

Damon heads to the prison to visit Harvey.

Harvey makes a threat regarding Sarah causing Damon loses his temper.

As the guards drag him away, Dee-Dee has clocked their exchange from across the room.

Later, Adam calls the prison and makes an appointment to visit Harvey.

Will Adam make a deal with the devil? 

Lauren's Lying.

Sabrina thinks Lauren is lying about her new boyfriend but Lauren reveals that she’s dumped her boyfriend.

Max watches in the distance with as Daniel chats to Lauren.

He senses there’s something wrong.

Lauren arrives in the Bistro dressed up.

Will Max get to the bottom of Lauren's sneaky behaviour?

Mason Makes Liam's Life Hell.

Mason continues to taunt Liam.

Liam heads for the school exit.

Mason grabs him and pins him against a wall.

In desperation, Liam sets off the fire alarm. 


Bernie's back!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street