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Next week: Bethany investigates, Carla is in trouble and Roy comes face-to-face with Lauren.

Bethany Investigates

Bethany is determined to find answers.

And Dee-Dee wants to check the CCTV.

Later, Dee-Dee and Bethany head to the soup kitchen.

And they're shocked to make a discovery!

Carla's In Big Trouble

Carla gets herself into trouble when she spots the yobs who were hassling Roy.

One of the them cycles towards her, and she opens her door.

He flies onto the floor!

How will Carla get herself out of this situation?!

Roy Comes Face To Face With Lauren

Roy is taken back when Lauren walks into the cafe.

She is distraught.

But what will she have to say?!


Betsy spies on Beth.

Will Leanne persuade Amy to join the Institute?

And Dylan has a trial shift at Speed Daal.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street