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Next week: Audrey admits to her friends about her recent feelings

Audrey makes a confession

Over afternoon tea, Audrey admits to friends her feelings of loneliness and her recent overdose.

How will her friends react to such news?

Later, Stephen grills Audrey and she lies, making out she had a minor health scare.

Stephen suggests that now would be a good time for her to sign the trust fund paperwork, however, Audrey insists she’s not in any rush!

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Audrey to open up about suicide attempt

Faye makes a pass at Michael

After a heated discussion, Craig asks Faye if he should move back to his mum's.

When she tells him to do as he pleases, Craig starts to pack.

Later, in the Rovers backyard, Faye makes a pass at Michael.

What will he do?!

Summer takes a turn

Aaron reveals that the person who caused his injuries was his Dad.

Aaron explains that his Dad’s an alcoholic and occasionally lashes out.

When Aaron comes to collect Summer on the morning of their holiday, she collapses.

Aaron is thrown into a panic!


Yasmeen delivers a speech about domestic abuse to the fundraiser guests, but she becomes visibly panicky.

Spider is uneasy when fellow protestor Griff introduces himself to Toyah.

Sarah reveals that she called Lorenzo after all, only to discover that he’s owed six months’ wages.

Stephen lies to Sarah and makes out that he withheld Lorenzo’s wages as he caught him embezzling money from the company.

What is Stephen up to?!

Zeedan and Alya call at Adam's office and, handing him the £1200, confirm they’d like to see Stu’s files.

Is this for the best?!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street