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3 Reasons To Watch Corrie Next Week

Next week: Toyah's in danger, Aadi has a secret admirer and is Elaine onto Stephen?

1. Spider Attempts To Save Toyah's Life

Spider receives a text telling him to follow instructions or Toyah will be killed.

Having arrived at the waste ground, Spider sees the kidnapper has a gun.

Suddenly a shot rings out.

Can Spider save Toyah's life in time?

2. Aadi Has An Admirer

Aadi bags himself a new and exciting job as Darren's right hand man.

Darren insists Aadi is to pick his wife up

And he finds himself enjoying her company a little too much.

Keen to make a good impression, Aadi shares his business ideas with Courtney.

But when Aadi arrives he finds Courtney alone. She makes it clear she has the hots for him.

Courtney leans in for a kiss but will Aadi kiss back? 

3. Elaine Has Her Suspicious About Stephen

Elaine believes it's clear that Stephen doesn't love her and wants to call off the wedding.

He manages to persuade to go on a romantic getaway to the Peak District.

Little does she know that Stephen's has a plan, as he looks over her life insurance papers.

Whilst they get ready to leave for their trip, a family photo reveals that Stephen's been speaking with his ex wife.

A furious Tim and upset Elaine start to piece together all Stephen’s suspicious activity and find Elaine's forged life insurance.

Tim confronts Stephen, telling him the games up they’re going to report him to the police.

But Tim doesn't know who he's dealing with!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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