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Next week: Rowan maliciously blackmails Toyah, the creator of Abi's deep fake videos is revealed, and Cassie becomes Ken's carer.

Rowan Blackmails Toyah.

A funeral is held for Rose, Toyah's baby girl.

She is furious when she spots Rowan and demands he stays away.

But how will Toyah react when she hears that Rowan paid for the funeral?

Later, Rowan corners Toyah.

He blackmails Toyah after finding out her new secret.

The Culprit Is Revealed.

After doing some digging Abi believes she's found who's behind the deep fake videos.

Whilst at the police station she witnesses DS Swain dragging the culprit into an interview room.

Does this mean their nightmare will soon be over?

Or will he find a new way of tormenting her?

Cassie Becomes Ken's Carer

When Ken's carer bill is looking pricey, Cassie has an idea.

She offers to help out but does she know what she's letting herself in for?

Later, Cassie arrives for work at No.1.

Steve gives Cassie her first task... To cut Ken's toenails.

How will her first day turn out?


Chesney finds out Joseph has been lying.

And Paul makes his feelings about Felix clear.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street