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Next week: Harvey lets Leanne in on a little secret, Fern frames Bernie and is baby number 6 on the way for Chesney?!

Harvey's Secret

Leanne pays Harvey a visit in prison.

She is shocked to learn that Sam has been writing letters to him.

Leanne tells Nick what she has discovered and the pair decide to confront Sam. He gets upset and admits that he just wanted to know why Harvey killed Natasha.

When Sam suggests that he’ll stop writing to Harvey if he can visit him instead, Nick and Leanne are horrified.

What will they do to help Sam?

Fern Frames Bernie

Fern arrives for her cleaning job at the jewellery shop.

Assuming her to be Bernie, the owner leaves her to lock up when she’s finished.

At the police station, the officer shows Bernie the CCTV footage of what seems to be her robbing the jewellers!

The penny drops and Bernie realises with horror that she’s been framed by Fern.

Why would Fern do that?! And can Bernie prove her innocence?

Chesney's Discovery

Chesney gets Gemma's phone from her jacket pocket.

He is stunned when a positive pregnancy test falls out!

Is baby number 6 on the way for Chesney?!


The social worker calls at No.6 and explains to Stu and Yasmeen that until his conviction has been officially quashed, Eliza must be taken into care.

Stu reels in shock.

At the Rovers, Paul makes a comment about Summer's condition.

It isn't long before Billy realises she could be pregnant! Is it true?

Leo’s Dad - Teddy - calls at the Rovers and tells Jenny and Stephen that there’s no trace of Leo and it’s time to alert the police.

Stephen masks his anxiety!

Has he done enough to cover up his lies?

And, Daniel suggests to Daisy that she moves in with him properly!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street