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First Look At What's To Come

Next week: Christmas is ruined for Ed, will he be able to explain things to his family? Also: Lily and Sam hatch a plan!

Christmas Is Ruined For Ed

The Bailey family head to the Bistro.

A furious Tony spots Ed splashing the cash.

He corners Ed demanding the money he is owed.

Later, in a desperate flee, Ed packs his bags but is soon stopped in his tracks.

When he wakes up he's left with a cut lip and an empty Christmas tree.

The Platts Are Held Hostage

Sam and Lily hold an intervention for The Platt family.

They suggest writing nice things about each other for Audrey to read out.

What could possibly go wrong?!


Roy is in pain.

Daisy breaks into The Platt's house.

And Peter meets the mother of his liver donor.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street