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Coming Up On The Cobbles.

Next Week: Roy speaks out about Lauren, Leanne's inspired by Rowan, and Paul's voice is deteriorating.

Roy Speaks Out About Lauren

A vigil is held in the precinct for Lauren.

Roy steps forward to speak about her.

But as he speaks fondly of her, he's filmed and smirked at.

How will Roy react?

Leanne's Inspired By Rowan's Ways.

Leanne's thrilled by Rowan.

In the hotel bar they swoon over him and his successful seminar.

Rowan's delighted to see them.

And hopes to see them again some time soon.

Paul's Voice Is Deteriorating.

Paul's new PA Hannah arrives flustered.

Paul slurs his words and she struggles to understand him.

Later, Paul and Billy head to The Rovers on karaoke evening.

But will Billy persuade Paul to sing a duet?


Bobby and Max accuse Sabrina.

Something is bothering Joseph.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street