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First look at what's to come!

Next week: Kelly sees how far Gary is willing to go for her, the Platts have a surprise for Audrey, and what's making Frank feel so awkward?

Gary comes to Kelly's rescue

When Gary finds out that Kelly has gone to see another of her Dad's old clients, he panics.

Meanwhile, things take a dark turn for Kelly and Kieron won't let her leave.

Gary forces his way into the cellar, revealing that he'd put a tracking device in Kelly's bag.

As they're about to leave, Kieron arrives with a crowbar!

A fight breaks out and Kelly is shocked at how far Gary is willing to go for her.

Are Kelly and Gary going to be ok?!

The Platts have a surprise for Audrey

When Gail reveals she's planned a family meal for Audrey's birthday, David announces that he too has a planned a nice surprise for her.

Audrey tells David that a family meal is the last thing she wants.

When the night arrives, Audrey is underwhelmed.

The family take Audrey to her surprise...

They’ve signed a rental agreement with Debbie and her old salon is now hers again!

Will this patch things up between the family?

Frank's feeling awkward

Frank calls and No.11 and Sean introduces him to Dylan.

But it’s soon clear they have nothing in common and Todd clocks Frank’s awkward demeanour.

Later, Sean cajoles Frank into accompanying him to watch Dylan play in a football match.

But it’s clear he’s not happy about it!

What is making Frank feel so awkward?

Debbie's left to pay up

A stressed Debbie tells Ronnie that Ray has cancelled the professional indemnity insurance.

Debbie calls at No.3 and offers Ed £30k by way of compensation. 

But Aggie makes it clear she’s got two weeks to pay up.

Wendy comes clean

Wendy fills Abi in on her history with Ken. 

Abi urges her to go and make up with him and promises that she’ll deal with Tracy.

When Tracy sees Wendy leaving No.1 with Ken, she marches over, ready for a row!


Fiz and Tyrone attend their first couples therapy session.

Maria is summoned to the police station by Craig.

And Yasmeen tells Stu not to give up on looking for his daughter.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street