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The Drama Unfolds On Corrie Next Week

Next week: Ryan's relationship with Daisy falls apart, Bernie helps Paul through his MND and Max's past follows him around.

The Catfish Is Revealed.

Daniel pushes Daisy to go and visit it Ryan.

When she arrives he confesses how much he's missed her and he leans in for a kiss.

But she doesn't pull away.

Although, Ryan's feelings quickly change when he figures out that Daisy is his catfish.

She tries to explain herself but Ryan throws her out the flat in a rage.

Will they be able to come back from this one?

Bernie's Here To Help.

Paul is humiliated when he finds out Bernie has been looking into a Personal Independence Payment on his behalf.

But when Paul's leg gives way whilst getting off the bus, making him fall onto the pavement,

Bernie is there to help pick Paul up.

And offer her support where she can.

Max's Past Follows Him Around.

As Max links arms down the street with Bec,

Alya watches with simmering resentment.

But not everything is looking up for Max, when his new friend finds out his story

And he is faced to bring up the past, again.

But will he tell the truth?


Adam tracks down Niall and reveals Damon's plans. Is Damon in danger?

Evelyn tries to disguise her sadness.

And Brian's had enough of Isabella.

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Coronation Street