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Next week: Glenda saves the day, Ryan is arrested and Daisy is suspicious.

Glenda saves the day

A guy called Troy approaches George.

When George realises he is the opposition hoping to buy the business, he wrestles him for his notebook.

As the two men grapple on the cobbles, Mrs Pugh arrives and watches with disapproval.

Later, as Mrs Pugh gives Todd the third degree, George’s sister, Glenda arrives and clocking George asleep in the back of the funeral car, quickly takes charge of the proceedings!

As Glenda, Todd and Sean celebrate how well the funeral went, George arrives. 

He's thrilled to see his sister!

Casino Night

With ‘Casino Night’ underway, Ryan tells Debbie that he’s going to fuse the electrics and grab the cash from the safe.

Leanne is horrified to discover the money has all gone. Debbie orders Ryan to call the police.

Ed reveals that the CCTV has a back-up circuit and won’t have been affected by the power cut. Debbie worries!

Leanne, Nick, Debbie and Ronnie watch as Craig presses play on the CCTV.

They see that Ryan is the perpetrator!

Ryan is arrested!


Sally discovers Tim has been looking at porn sites. She orders him to go to the ‘Casino Night’ on his own!

Ken invites Wendy to share his lasagne and tells her he knows what it’s like to be lonely as he still misses Deirdre.

Stu's ex pays him a visit and drops a bombshell about his past!

And, Daisy tells Jenny about Leo’s suspicious behaviour...

What is he up to?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street