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Next week on Corrie.

Sarah Drinks With The Enemy.

Nick arrives at the Bistro, horrified to find Damon sitting at his desk.

He reveals he's hired a new solicitor who Nick might have heard of.

With tensions high, Sarah rows with Adam and storms off to drink in the hotel bar alone.

Until she unknowingly parks herself up next to the wrong person.

Drinking with the enemy is not a good sign!

Stephen Strikes Again.

Peter turns up at the factory and is stunned to find Stephen in charge and goes straight home to tell Carla the bad news.

Meanwhile, Rufus wants sole rights to Nippersnapper and blackmails Stephen.

He's furious! He picks up the hole punch and launches himself at Rufus.

Will Carla ever find out the truth?

The Wedding Plans Continue.

As the hen party starts, Christina reveals she’s organised a surprise for Daisy.

But Daisy is mortified as two friends from her past, Samantha and Ellie arrive.  

Not sure this is the hen party she was hoping for!


Roy's in the dog house.

Aaron asks Summer to move in together.

And Paul has bad news from the doctor.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street