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Next week: Abi threatens Dean with a wrench, Rowan lures Simon to the retreat, and has Bernie found her lost son?

Has Bernie Found Her Lost Son?

Bernie calls at the police station after believing Kit had her car towed away.

As she makes her complaint she is shocked to hear it was his birthday.

Suddenly, Bernie has a realisation.

Today, was Zach's birthday too.

Abi Threatens Dean With A Wrench.

Abi's shocked to see Dean lurking about her work.

Dean explains he's hit a bad patch and needs her help.

In the background Cassie watches their conversation.

Will she tell Kevin about Abi's meeting with Dean?

Later, Abi meets Dean and brandishing a wrench.

But will Abi down before it's too late?

Rowan Lures Simon To The Retreat.

Rowan meets up with Simon to chat as he knows what it’s like to drift through life without direction.

As Simon readies to leave for the retreat, Nick and Toyah do their best to talk him out of it.

Toyah returns home to find Simon unpacking his bag.

Has she done enough to convince him to not to go?


Roy frightened by a fellow inmate.

And Maria confronts Gary over 10k missing from their bank account.

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Coronation Street