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The Drama Unfolds On Corrie Next Week

Next week: Mason pulls out a knife on Liam, Amy and Aadi kiss, and Peter's rage rises.

Mason Threatens Liam

Mason sets Liam up when he tells Mrs Crawshaw that Liam stole Dylan’s trainers.

He continues to taunt Liam in front of his friends.

They shower him in rubbish and call him a rat.

When Mason starts taking pictures, Liam knocks the phone out of his hand.

Masons fury arises as he pulls out a knife and threatens Liam.

Will Mason continue to make Liam's life a living hell?

Amy And Aadi Kiss

Amy's taken into the station for questioning, and DS Swain warns Amy that she could be looking at five years in prison.  

Amy feels thankful to have Aadi by her side and in the heat of the moment leans in for a kiss.

Amy reciprocates, but suddenly she’s overcome by a wave of panic. 

Peter's Rage Rises

Peter's furious to find out that Dylan has stolen from him and goes banging on the door of No.11.

As Mason goads Peter, Peter loses it, and makes a grab for Dylan. 

Peter's rage rises when he finds out Carla has kept work problems from him.

Carla’s shocked at his outburst.


The troops are rallied for a Save the Rovers Campaign.

And is Ed's gambling is about to be exposed?

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