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Next week: Paul has a wild night out, Ryan finds a new way to make some quick cash and Cassie's return causes chaos.

Paul's wild night out

Paul turns up at the Bistro for the joint party with Gemma but he is overwhelmed to see so many people.

Gemma suggests he take Bryn outside for a runaround at the park.

However, when Bryn runs off Paul tries to go after him but crashes to the ground.

Paul is left feeling deflated.

Later, Paul is seen being carried into the Rovers by 3 drag queens.

But inside the pub, Billy and Gemma look less than impressed.

Ryan's quick cash plan

Peter confides in Ryan how he owes Rufus' wife £15k and could really do with some rent off him. Ryan promises to do what he can to help.

Struggling with his emotions, Ryan goes onto the O-Vidz website and creates a new profile and posts his first video.

He receives a message from Liv describing him as awesome and demanding more, Ryan checks his account to see that he has new subscribers and the money is flowing in.

However, things quickly turn sour when Ryan reads a derogatory comment online about his scarred body.

Carla urges him to ignore it, but clearly fuelled by testosterone, Ryan loses his temper.

Hurling a glass across the room, Ryan rages at Carla.

Cassie's return causes chaos

Cassie meets up with her drug dealer Dean but he turns nasty as she owes him money.

Ronnie arrives at A&E he sees Michael in the middle of a row with Dean.

When Dean punches Michael, Ronnie reckons they should call the police, but Cassie asks them not to.

At No.9, Tyrone introduces Cassie to Kevin and Abi.

When he explains that Abi is a recovering drug addict too, Cassie is furious.


George makes it clear to Todd that their working relationship is over.

What could Todd have done that was so bad?

And at No.8 it's smiles all round as Lily opens her birthday presents whilst David and Shona congratulate Max on passing his GCSEs.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street