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Next week: Adam's hopes come crashing down, Maria messes up and Laura puts the pressure on Gary.

Adam's Hopes Come Crashing Down

Things start to look up for Adam when Sarah invites him to Harry's birthday party.

But his good mood is short-lived when Sarah announces she's filed for divorce. 

Later, Adam tricks Lydia into meeting him.

A raging Lydia gives Adam a slap and shoves him.

And things end very badly!

In the hospital, Ken and Daniel quiz Adam about what happened.

But he claims he can't remember!

Maria Messes Up

Phill tells Maria he has a plan to turn her campaign around.

He pulls out a confidential report proving that the council are covering up the dangers of local air pollution.

Having cast their votes, Gary and Maria pose for photos.

But when Phill tells Maria that Kirk has been sacked as Buzzer Bee and he could lose his job over leaked reports, she feels terrible.

Was it worth it?

Laura puts the pressure on

An angry Kelly calls Laura the most selfish mother in the world.

She tells Laura she wants her out!

Gary urges Kelly to cut her Mum some slack and make the most of the time she has left. 

 As he contemplates his fate, Laura confronts Gary.

As the pressure is getting to him, will Gary admit he murdered Rick? 


Faye confides in Elaine that she fears she might be pregnant.

Steve is not happy to find out Dev has given Amy a job at the kebab shop.

And Sally and Tim's romantic plans are dashed.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street