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Drama Unfolds On The Street Next Week

Next week: Michael is trapped in a fire, Liam puts up a fight and Bernie's trip takes a turn.

Micheal's Trapped In A Fire.

Michael notices smoke coming from the builder's yard.

He breaks in to help rescue his Dad.

But Ed is nowhere to be seen as the fire rises up the stairs.

With no escape route, will Michael be rescued in time?

Liam Puts Up A Fight

As Liam passes by Mason and his mates, he hears Dylan call him a loser.

Provoked by Mason, Liam's anger rises.

He pins Dylan up against the wall.

But Liam is caught out by Mrs Crawshaw.

This mean trouble for Liam!

Nightmare Trip.

Bernie, Gemma and Paul set off in the motorhome.

But the trip takes a turn when they find out they're stuck in the mud.

Unbeknownst to Paul, Billy is frantically trying to contact him as he notices the Benzo tablets are missing.

Gemma answers Paul's phone and hears Billy begging Paul not to take the drugs as it’s too soon.

Will Paul tells Bernie and Gemma his plan to end his life?


Chesney feels guilty for not believing Joseph.

And Steve meets his hero.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street