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3 Reasons To Watch Corrie Next Week

Next week: Roy needs an ambulance, Hope plays with fire and Faye says goodbye to the cobbles.

1. Evelyn Calls For Help.

As Roy takes Freddie for a leisurely stroll, he spots a cat in the distances and bolts.

But as he chases after him he is crippled by the pain in his chest.

Luckily, Evelyn was on the scene

And calls for an ambulance.

2. Hope Plays With Fire

Eliza's party is in full force and Sam has a surprise for the birthday girl.

But little does he know that a jealous Hope has tinkered with his science display

Causing it to burst into flames.

Will Hope's sabotage come to light?

3. Farewell Faye

Craig notices a change in Faye and suggests she should go with Jackson and Miley to Slough.

After making the hard decision to leave,

Faye says her goodbye to Criag, and the Cobbles!

Let's look back at her time on the street.


Billy turns up to Paul's courting hearing.

There's a battle against the ships.

Questions about the scaffolding arise.

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