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Next week: It's a whirlwind for Kelly and Aadi, Carla gives Stephen a chance and Stu makes his return to the street.

It was all going so well for Aadi

As Kelly and Aadi ask each other probing questions, they each admit that they’ve never had a sexual relationship.

Aadi leans in for a kiss... 🥰

Having enjoyed their first romantic encounter, Aadi presents Kelly with his Mum’s engagement ring.

Kelly's smitten!

Asha confronts Aadi over Kelly's engagement ring, but Aadi assures her that he and Kelly aren’t really engaged, but are only pretending so they can win a holiday.

Having overheard, Kelly chucks the ring at Aadi, jumps in his new car and speeds away!

Aadi finds his car crashed into a bollard.

Is Kelly okay?

Carla gives Stephen a chance

Stephen tells Sarah that she’s clearly the business brains of the factory and she should think about buying Carla out of her share.

Elsewhere, Carla voices her concerns about Stephen to Peter and Ken.

Ken reckons Stephen’s intentions are honourable so Carla agrees that she’ll hire him to do some consultancy work.

Should Carla stick to her gut feelings?

Stu makes his return to the street

Alya visits Stu in prison.

They are interrupted by the arrival of Yasmeen!

Stu returns to the street to be met with hostility from Dev and Bernie.

Yasmeen comes to Stu’s rescue and tells him that he’s moving back in with her at No.6!


A lady calls at No.5 and introduces herself as Fern.

She claims that Bernie has tried stealing her posh jacket.

How will Bernie get out of this one?!

Steve calls at the builder’s yard and begs Ed to fix the roof at No.1.

Will Ed come to the rescue?

For Dylan’s last night with him, Sean offers to organise a farewell dinner, but when he has to work Glenda has an idea that’ll cheer him up.

Sean arrives at the bistro to discover Glenda and Mary have invited James Bailey to Dylan’s soirée.

Summer attends her appointment with the diabetic nurse. The nurse suggests that a flash monitor might be helpful and Aaron agrees.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street