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Next week: Evelyn and Roy do some spying, Stephen is left humiliated and Max is arrested!

Evelyn and Roy switch on their spy game

Having followed Tyrone to a hotel bar, Evelyn and Roy watch as a blonde lady parks herself at Tyrone Dobbs' table and he squeezes her thigh.

Evelyn’s horrified.

Who is the mysterious blonde?

Stephen is left red faced

Sarah tells Stephen that she and Michael had their meeting in the factory as planned, but she wouldn’t want Carla to find out. She suggests he wipes the CCTV footage.

Stephen’s secretly horrified to realise there will be footage of Teddy’s attack.

Later, Stephen comes face to face with an old business associate, Dick Havisham.

When Carla explains that Stephen’s helping out in packing,

Stephen is left utterly humiliated.

The police come for Max

Max reels as David and Gail watch Max’s videos in horror, however, they’re interrupted by a knock at the door.

DS Swain enters and tells Max that he’s arresting him on suspicion of incitement to murder.

Blake is up to no good

Blake is outside Speed Daal delivering a racist rant and promising to put a stop to the drop-in session.

As Blake heads into Speed Daal, Maria delivers her speech, welcoming the refugees and offering them support.

Secretly filming himself, it’s clear his target is Maria Connor.

What is Blake up to?


Daisy has a visitor...her Mum!

Jenny enters the pub and is taken aback to see Daisy sitting with her Mum Christina Boyd.

When Daisy spells it out that she doesn’t want her at the wedding, Christina’s shocked.

What is Christina doing in Weatherfield?

Gemma Shows Lisa, a potential client, around No.5, but it’s clear that she’s not happy with Gemma’s lack of childcare qualifications.

Gemma explains that she can no longer look after Glory as she’d be breaking the law, Michael suggests they continue on an informal basis and the authorities need never know.

This doesn't sound like it can end well!

Hope is horrified to find Cilla dead on the carpet.

Peanut watches from her basket.

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Logo of Coronation Street
itv |

Coronation Street