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Things To Look Out For In Next Week's Corrie

Next Week: Tensions run high for Daisy, Michael is taken away by the police and Aadi tries his best with Courtney.

Daisy's Dilemma.

Tensions run high for Daisy next week as she confronts Lauren in the cafe.

And tells her that she refuses to be blackmailed.

Later on, Ryan and Daisy's chemistry is apparent.

And it leaves Daisy unsure of what do.

Will Daisy ever be able to move forward with Daniel?

Michael's Caught In A Trap.

Michael is met at work by the police, who question him about Stephen's fraudulent acts at Underworld.

But as he looks into his bag he finds a huge wad of cash in there.

Unable to explain where it came from, he is taken down to the station.

Will Michael be able to clear his name? Or will he be taken down?

Aadi Goes Above And Beyond.

Aadi and Asha bond as they clean up the precinct flat for him and Courtney.

But it doesn't look like they will be able to move into the flat unless Courtney gets a job.

Aadi suggests heading to Freshco's recruitment day

But low and behold, Courtney ends up sick and he has to go alone.

Will Aadi continue to get walked all over?


Ronnie confronts Ed and demands the truth.

Sam asks Hope on a spooky date.

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