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What's In Store On The Cobbles...

Next week: Gemma's arrested, Joel is threatened, and Stefan calls the shots.

Gemma Ends Up In A Prison Cell.

Gemma's having a shoddy day, she has a parking fine and now Carys shoes are going to cost her an extra £45.

Whilst the shopping assistant has her back turned, Gemma makes a run for it and flees the shop without paying.

Later, Gemma finds herself in a prison cell, when she is visited by a familiar face.

Will he become a caring sibling and bail her out?

Joel Is Threatened.

Dee-Dee, Ed, and Joel's parents head for lunch at the Bistro, Anthea apologies for her previous behaviour.

When Amy heads to the table she lets it slip that Joel and Dee-Dee's are engaged, Anthea and Gus are shocked.

Later, Joel receives a call from Sabrina's mate demanding to meet them or he'll regret it.

But what do they want?

Stefan Calls The Shots.

Kevin makes a deal with Stefan.

A heated discussion happens between the two and Stefan goes back on his words. What will Kevin do now?

Meanwhile, Abi decides she needs some time away and heads to stay with the twins.

How will Kevin cope with the mess that's left behind?


Michael disapproves of Glenda's actions.

And it's Steve's birthday, he's in for a surprise.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street