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Next week on the cobbles: Amy is found unconscious, the doctor confirms the worst for Paul and Tim gives Stephen a piece of his mind.

It all gets too much for Amy.

At a party, Amy watches Aaron with loathing as he flirts with a group of girls.

When Aaron puts a hand on Amy's shoulder, it triggers her terrible memories.

Later, on the street, Aaron squares up to Aadi and the pair start to scrap.

They stop when they see an ambulance arrive.

Summer explains to the paramedic she found Amy unconscious.

Did it all get too much for Amy?

The doctor confirms Paul's nightmare.

Dee-Dee accompanies Paul to his appointment with the MND specialist.

When the specialist confirms that Paul has motor neurone disease, Paul and Dee-Dee reel in shock.

Tim doesn't hold back

Tim angrily tells Stephen that he'd prefer to die than let him marry his Mum.


Hope reels with jealously when Sam offers to teach Eliza how to play chess.

In the pub, Jackson tries to pick a fight with Craig.

And Stephen is threatened when he is approached by the two lads he tried to buy LSD off. They reveal that they sent the letter and they want £10k or they'll go to the police.

How will Stephen react?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street