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Next week on Corrie!

Next week: Gail and Eileen clash, Stephen is up to his scheming ways and Summer is made an unexpected offer.

Gail and Eileen clash

Eileen heads out with Glenda's pumpkins.

As she strides down the street, she collides with Gail,

Eileen trips over the pumpkin and knocks herself out!

George and Sean rush to Eileen’s aid.

Later at No.11, a smiley Eileen tells George that she intends to spoil him rotten.

George admits to Sean that Eileen’s friendly demeanour is starting to scare him.

Eileen seems all out of sorts after her bump!

Stephen's scheming ways continue

Gabrielle corners Stephen and demands her money. She makes it clear she’s running out of patience.

Stephen can’t believe his luck when Audrey hands him her phone and asks him to turn off notifications as it is driving her mad. 

With that in mind, Stephen meets up with Gabrielle and tells her he’s expecting the mortgage broker to call on Audrey’s phone, he needs her to pretend to be Audrey and that way she’ll get her money.

Will Stephen pull this off?

Summer's big offer

Esther’s gutted to learn about Summer's planned termination.

She offers her money in a bid to change her mind.

Billy appears and is horrified to realise that Esther was trying to buy Summer’s baby!

What will Summer do?

Bertie calls Daisy 'Mummy'

Beth drops Bertie back off at home after a day of looking after him.

In the flat, Bertie calls Daisy “Mummy”.

Daniel is surprised whilst Beth is horrified. Especially as it's the anniversary of Sinead's death.

Later, Daniel and Daisy collide on the street, both with their worldly possessions.

Daniel reveals that he thought he was moving to the Rovers,

whilst Daisy reveals that she thought they were moving into his house.


Fiz ends a call with a journalist and tells Tyrone that they’re planning to serialise a book about John Stape in the paper. Tyrone reckons Phill’s behind it.

Toyah and Spider agree to swerve Griff’s gig and spend some time together instead.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street