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Previews: Coming up on the Cobbles!

Next week: The blame is on Bernie, Daisy sings Daniel's praises and it's time for Tim's op!

Bernie gets the blame

Dev and Bernie gather the family for a meal at Speed Daal.

Dev announces that they are now officially a couple!

Later, Evelyn suspects she was involved in Joseph's disappearance.

She phones the police, which leads to both Bernie and Chesney being questioned.

Will Bernie's lies come out?

Daisy sings Daniel's praises

Lydia quizzes Daniel about Summer.

Not sure on how to handle the information she's been given, Lydia’s taken aback.

And soon enough, she airs her concerns to Sarah.

But Daisy quickly jumps to Daniel's defence and assures her he's a lovely guy.

Later, Daniel thanks Daisy for her kind words.

How will Lydia react when she notices the spark between the pair?

It's time for Tim's op

Tim is all ready for his big op.

But as the anaesthetic takes effect, Tim hears a commotion in the hospital corridor.

Sally is arrested... but was this all a dream?!

Later, Sally is determined they should celebrate Tim's 50th birthday in the hospital.

But Elaine is adamant that the last thing he needs is a party. And Tim is delighted when Elaine offers to move in to help look after him.

But Sally couldn't think of anything worse!


Carla accuses Jenny of abandoning her family for her new toyboy.

And Jenny is shocked to hear Leo has been injured in a rugby match so she rushes to his side.

But when she arrives, she is greeted with a bigger shock.

What could it be?!

Craig reveals that Ted's post mortem suggests he was run over which might have triggered the blood clot that killed him.

Faye and Emma are horrified!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street