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Next Week: Rovers Break In, Cocktail Flirtation and Emotional Goodbyes

Next week: The Rovers is ransacked, Summer says goodbye and Ken's pulled!

The Rovers Robbers

After an uneventful speed dating evening at The Rovers the pub closes for the night.

But the mood of the night swiftly changes.

As Glenda finds out she's not alone.

The Rovers is being ransacked.

What will Glenda do?

Ken's Pulled!

Ken goes out for a evening with Steve.

Debbie heads over with a round of cocktails sent by the lady across the room.

She has her eyes on Ken.

And Steve’s realises Ken’s pulled.

Summer Says Goodbye

Summer books her flight to Boston and a roast dinner is cooked as a celebration.

But with Paul's deterioration his food is puréed.

Later, everyone says farewell to Summer.

And they wipe the tears away as she goes off to Boston.


Roy could sleepwalk his way into trouble.

Sarah finds out Damon's been lying to her.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street