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Coming up on the Cobbles!

Next week: Kevin loses his temper, Audrey is back in hospital and Debbie makes some big plans.

Kevin loses it!

Kevin is shocked to find out Jack has punched Nathan.

Jack explains that Nathan ridiculed him for having found out that Tyrone initially thought he was his Dad.

Later, whilst fixing Stephen's car, Kevin is interrupted by his phone ringing. Stephen threatens to take his business elsewhere.

The pressure finally getting to him, Kevin loses his temper and picking up a wrench, starts smashing up Stephen’s car!

Can Kev be calmed?

Audrey is quizzed in hospital

After Audrey ends up back in hospital, the hospital psychiatry liaison officer visits Audrey.

She gently quizzes her about why she took so many sleeping pills.

Is Audrey feeling ok?!

Debbie is making big plans

Debbie puts up her posters advertising a ‘Psychic Night’ and a ‘Casino Night’ outside the Bistro.

However, Leanne disapproves!

Later, Debbie hears Ryan telling the psychic that he is skint and has debt coming out of his ears...

She hatches a plan...What does she have up her sleeve?

Down the street, Tim suggests to Sally that they should attend the casino night and dress up for the occasion.

Sally is thrilled at the idea!

Stu takes a huge step

Stu arrives at Bridget’s address and knocks on the door...

When Bridget answers, she panics and orders him to leave.

Stu begs her to hear him out and assures her that he never hurt anyone!


Summer and Aaron have an evening alone,

but when Aaron makes a move Summer pushes him away and orders him to leave.

At Fiz and Tyrone's, Hope opens her tablet to see a string of messages from a player called Mad Dog.

Using their walkie-talkies, Hope and Sam discuss Mad Dog. Sam reckons he fancies her.

Stephen flirts with Yasmeen, but she makes it very clear to Stu and it is him she is interested in and not Stephen!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street