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Here's Why You Should Watch Corrie Next Week!

Next week: Evelyn has a blast from the past, Max is faced with a troubled love life and there's concerns in Stephen's relationships.

Evelyn Has A Blast From The Past

After lurking in the streets Cassie finally shows her face but Evelyn chooses to ignore her.

Evelyn receives a call from the hospital about Cassie, but doesn't want to go.

Later on, Evelyn returns home to a confused Tyrone who says a lady named Cath is in the living room.

Will Evelyn tell Tyrone who her mystery visitor is?

Or will Cassie be shown the door?

Max Is Faced With A Troubled Love Life

Gav is out, and is furious to hear Max is dating Bec.

Spotting Bec, Max shouts at her to run, but it seems Bec has got her own secrets? 

As things get more complicated for Max, he is shocked when Lauren returns

She explains she's fallen out with her family and has no where to stay.

Will Max help her out?

There's Concerns In Stephen Relationships.

Determined to win Owen round, Stephen invites him for lunch but Owen is highly suspicious of Stephen.

As Stephen tries to argue, the door opens and Elaine, Audrey, Sarah and Michael burst in waving flags and wishing him a happy Canada Day.

But something is wrong with Elaine

As she scowls over at Stephen.


Sarah waits for the result of her pregnancy test.

And heads to the hospital to find out her answer.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street