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Daisy's Worst Nightmare Comes True.

It's the morning of the wedding and Daisy is freaking out. Everything is going wrong!

She has a bloodshot eye, the cake isn't right, the wedding car has been stolen and Ryan is forced to step in as chauffeur.

As Daisy waits for Ryan to pick her up,

And Daniel eagerly waits for Daisy at the alter,

Justin is lurking in the shadows of The Rovers waiting for his moment.

Will Daisy make it to the wedding?

The Truth Comes Out.

Simon notices at the wedding that Amy is feeling uncomfortable after a friendly squeeze from Adam.

Elsewhere, Summer confronts Aaron about a text she's seen and demands to know the truth.

Summer approaches Amy in the street wanting an apology but in return she reveals Aaron raped her.

Summer doesn't believe it, and accuses her of lying.

With Tracy as support Amy decides to head to the police station and reports what happened.

Will Aaron be arrested?

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Billy's worried about Paul.

Michael finds out Stephen cancelled the America deal.

Beth sneakily meets up with Marco.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street