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Next week on the Cobbles.

Next week: Justin turns up at Daisy's house and Stephen mistakenly takes the LSD meant for Carla.

Justin Delivers A Package To Daisy.

Daisy unknowingly open's the door to find that her wedding samples are being delivered by Justin.

She is appalled to see him at her house.

Daniel goes to check if Daisy is ok and is shocked to see Justin stood there.

Will Justin ever get the message and leave Daisy alone?

Stephen Mistakenly Takes LSD.

As he arrives at the hotel for the presentation Stephen takes to the stage.

His vision becomes blurred and he starts to sweat profusely.

He realises in horror that he must have taken the LSD!

As he takes a trip down memory lane, will Stephen unmask himself?

Amy And Aaron Kiss.

As Amy and Aaron get ready over a few drinks,

they find themselves kissing.

But Amy pulls away, wracked with guilt.

Find out more about this upcoming storyline here.


Faye confides in Sally that Jackson has made contact asking if she wants to see them.

And Paul hands Chesney a lump of cash after he took a loan out to help him with the wedding funds.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street