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Preview Pics: Coming up on Corrie!

Next week: Spider is back! Also: the trolls are out for Maria and Peter is pushed to his limits.

Spider Returns!

Leanne, Mary, Brian, Nina and Asha join Toyah at a protest!

They successfully block in the council bin wagon on Victoria Street.

Toyah leaps into the cab of the bin wagon and is joined by a fellow protester with a familiar face...

It's her ex boyfriend Spider!

She's gobsmacked! What is the reason for his return?!

The trolls get out of hand

After Liam gets into a fight in school, it is clear to Maria that another video has gone viral.

Maria's head has been placed on a naked woman to make it look like she’s in a porn film.

Gary is raging and a shaken Maria can't believe how convincing the deep-fake video is.

But she refuses to hide away and hosts a press conference.

When Maria is heckled by Jimmy, Gary decides he's the one behind the trolling.

He pins him against the wall!

Later, Liam has a birthday party at the Bistro.

Maria asks Gary not to share any photos on social media in fear of getting backlash.

Is the trolling affecting Maria more than she's letting on?

Peter is pushed to his limits

Simon points out to Peter that one hundred grand could change their lives forever.

Peter ponders on the idea of accepting the payoff from Thorne.

After an altercation in the pub, things turn sour between Peter and Dr Thorne and things turn ugly.

Luckily, Adam comes over to intervene!

Later, he picks a fair up from the police station. It turns out to be Nicky.

The pair bond over their shared contempt for authority trampling over the little man.


Todd tells George it's time to expose Frank's bullying ways.

It becomes clear very quickly that Mimi and Evelyn living under the same roof is going to be a strain on everyone.

And Stephen threatens that if Gail and Audrey don't patch things up, he'll be on the first plane home!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street