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Things To Look Out For In Next Week's Corrie

Next week: Cassie causes a scene in the Rovers, Ronnie blows all the money and Shelly has a secret to tell Paul.

Cassie Pushes Her Luck.

In the Rovers, Cassie talks Dev and Kirk into a game of gin rummy.

Tyrone returns to the pub to find Cassie three sheets to the wind and drags her home.

Can Cassie stay clean for Tyrone's sake?

Or will she mess things up like Evelyn predicted she would?

Ronnie's Blown It All.

Ed's excited to have found a plot of land for sale with planning permission and he thinks they could make a killing.

But Ronnie is panicked knowing full well that he’s already spent the money.

When Ed reveals he's put in a bid for the plot of land, Ronnie is forced to explain there's no money left.

How will Ed react?

Shelly Has A Secret.

As time goes on Paul and Shelly become closer and she lets him in to a little secret.

When Paul and Bernie arrive at Shelly’s they find her surrounded by boxes and parcels, each of them containing a laptop.

Shelly confesses that she’s been buying laptops on her old company credit card and selling them on in order to pay for her carers.

But what will Paul do with this information?


Things get heated between Jenny and Stephen.

Carla's hears about Rufus's experience with LSD.

Audrey shows the equity release letter to Sarah and wonders if it’s got anything to do with the visit she had from an estate agent which Stephen organised. 

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street