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Next Week: Prepare Yourself For The Ultimate Dramatic Trio

Next week: An emotional wedding, courtroom battles and a worrying hospital visit.

Heartbreak Wedding.

The wedding is in full swing as the congregation watches Gemma walk down the aisle with a struggling Paul by her side.

As the couple says "I do" it looks like nothing can ruin their day.

Until Bernie finds out that Linda secretly funded the wedding.

In an attempt to avoid drama, Paul makes an emotional speech.

But it all gets a bit too much and he rushes out, clearly something is wrong.

Is Gemma about to face heartbreak on her wedding day?

Justice or Justin?

Daisy is visited by Karen, Justin’s sister, who tell's her that she hopes he’ll be sent down.

But Ryan and Carla are furious about the meet up and start to throw insults their way.

It's judgement day and Ryan is nowhere to be seen.

Daniel head's over to Carla's flat but Ryan refuses to go to court.

Will Daisy get her justice or will her stalker roam free?

Roy Is In Hospital.

As worry looms over Roy before his operation, he writes his loved ones letters to read if he was to die.

Whilst Evelyn is desperate to find out what is written in hers, she heads to the hospital to offer her support.

Impatiently, she opens the letter to read Roy's loving words about how much she means to him.

She heads to the hospital to admit how she feels to Roy, only to find Yasmeen there with a special surprise of her own.

Will Evelyn get her opportunity to tell Roy how she feels?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street