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Next week on the Cobbles!

Next week: Stephen turns on the charm with Jenny, Audrey comes clean to her family and Kelly and Aadi's 'secret' engagement rocks the boat

Stephen turns on the charm!

Leo is sour about being stuck in Weatherfield after taking on a labouring job with Ed.

Jenny tells Leo that she doesn’t want to stand in the way of his future.

Later in the Rovers, a flirty Stephen turns on the charm with Jenny. A tipsy Jenny invites him through to the back and hands him a drink.

Jenny goes in for a passionate kiss!

Just as Gemma heads through to the back room with Leo...

Will Jenny and Stephen get caught red-handed!?

Audrey comes clean

Audrey admits to her family that she tried to take her own life.

She reveals that she’s made an ordinary will giving them each equal shares with the exception of Stephen who was kind enough to say he didn’t need it...

How will the family take the news?

Later, the Platt's gather for Audrey's salon launch party 🥳

Could this be just what Audrey needed?

Kelly and Aadi's engagement rocks the boat

When Kelly and Aadi's ‘secret’ engagement makes it all over the Gazette,

Dev, Maria and Gary are all in agreement that Aadi and Kelly are far too young to get married.

Will Aadi and Kelly listen to their families?

Dylan wants to make a big move

Sean confides in Eileen how Dylan wants to move to Weatherfield.

Dylan admits that he lied about being bullied at school because he wants to move up, so Sean agrees to speak to Violet.

Could this a good move for Dylan and Sean?


Toyah and Peter are putting the world to rights when when they’re joined by Spider and Griff.

When Peter lets slip that Carla is doing business with Nadeem Atallah, Griff reveals that Nadeem is notorious for his unethical working practices.

This could be their chance to expose him!

Toyah meets up with Spider and Griff and confirms she’d like to play a part when they ambush Nadeem.

But Toyah’s shocked when Spider tells her to back off.   

Will Toyah listen to Spider?

Billy reveals the diabetic nurse called to confirm Summer is eligible for a glucose monitor.

Summer’s upset that Billy and Aaron went behind her back.

After a row with Aaron, Summer reads her Dad’s letter.

Will it change her outlook?

Fern returns the school uniform to Bernie,

She suggests that as they look so similar, maybe she can help her out.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street