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Paul Fears For The Worst.

Paul breaks the news to Dee Dee that he can't afford the rent and is moving out.

His day then takes a shocking turn when he's told he might be suffering from onset Motor Neurone Disease.

As Paul keeps his MND secret from Billy and his family, he looks elsewhere to earn some quick cash.

But does he know what he's getting himself in for?

Tracy Takes A Stance.

After plastering the streets with posters, Tracy head's to the station to demand that they take Amy's rape allegation seriously.

She glues her hand to the counter and begins to give an interview with The Gazette.

Elsewhere, Aadi verbally abuses Aaron in the street about Amy's allegations.

But Aaron puts him straight saying she has changed her story.

Glenda's Blast From The Past.

As George and Todd show Estelle, a rather tricky customer, out of the undertakers, Glenda see's a familiar face.

As they remises about their cruise ship days, Estelle mentions she's opening up a new performing arts school.

Which then springs an idea into Glenda's head.

Is this the start of something new for Glenda?


Craig meets Miley, and brings his mum along.

Brain and Mary plan a trip to Italy.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street