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Find Out What Happens Next Week On Corrie.

Next week: Paul returns home with a guilty conscience, Gemma can't cope and Ryan takes one step forward and two steps back.

Paul Feels Guilty.

The charity chilli eating competition is under way. At the end Bernie hands the generous amount to Paul.

Back at the flat they argue over religion verses crystals and Paul storms out.

Having escaped to a hotel bar, Paul spots Zac, a blast from his past,

And offers to buy him a drink. 

Later on, Paul returns home with his tail between his legs.

But what is it that Paul could be so upset about?

And will he tell Billy the truth?

Ryan's Takes One Step Forward, And Two Steps Back.

Ryan worries about going back to work but after confiding in Carla he decides to get back to it.

As he gets back into the swing of things, a customer complains about his facial scars to Leanne.

She leaps to his defence, claiming he's a hero.

Having caught the end of her outburst, Ryan hurries out. 

Gemma Isn't Coping.

Gemma is exhausted and feels like she can't cope.

While Gemma briefly closes her eyes, Bertie empties her bag and finds a pack of antidepressants.

As Daniel and Daisy arrive they’re unimpressed to find Gemma asleep on the sofa,

And they are all horrified as they realise that Bertie has eaten the tablets! 

Will Gemma be able to forgive herself?


Adam struggles to trust Sarah again.

Stephen bends the truth about Elaine,

And Stu feels left out.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street