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Next Week: The Police Find A Body

Coming up: A buried body is found in the park, Joel proposes to Dee-Dee and betrayal is afoot!

The Police Find A Body.

Toyah and Nick try to convince Leanne to back away from Rowan.

Whilst Leanne refuses to listen, theres a knock at the door.

The police inform the sisters that a body of a baby has been found.

Toyah stands in disbelief and awaits her verdict.

Joel Proposes To Dee-Dee

After an unsuccessful meeting with Joel's parents, Dee-Dee head's home.

She is stunned when Joel calls at flat to apologise.

The shocked continues when he drops down on one knee.

He asks Dee-Dee to marry him.

What will she say?

Betrayal To The Barlow's.

The Barlows gather in the Rovers.

Adam swoops in and makes a revelation.

How will the family react?


Simon says goodbye to the street.

Michael goes in for a kiss.

And Abi's going to need a lawyer.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street