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The Drama Unfolds On Corrie Next Week

Next week: The gender of the baby is revealed, the Alahan's have a memorial dinner and could it be the last orders at The Rovers?

Gender Reveal Party

As the anticipation builds, Sarah and Adam await to find out the gender of their baby.

But everyone is in for a big surprise.

When Sarah has a huge wave of stomach pain, Adam finds it hard to believe her.

So, she heads to the hospital alone.

Will things get better between Sarah and Adam?

Or will they continue to fight through this stressful time.

Last Orders At The Rovers

With financial worries at the Rovers, Stephen suggests that rather than increasing prices, Jenny should reduce portion sizes.

But the customers are not happy about it.

Jenny is then upset to find out they've taken their presence elsewhere,

And created a little darts club for themselves.

Could this be the last orders are The Rovers?

Alahan's Memorial Dinner

As the Alahan's prepare for their memorial dinner for Sunita, they didn't quite expect what would happen.

As they dinner is in full swing Asha notices a bubble of light on Sunita's picture.

And Bernie believes it was her human spirt.

But will the others believe it too?


Stu's jealous of Roy and Yasmeen's relationship.

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